Google Business Photos ~ FAQ


  1. 1 Maps
    1. 1.1 Google Business Photos ~ FAQ
    2. 1.2 The Sign Up Process
      1. 1.2.1 How can Business Photos help my business?
      2. 1.2.2 Why are businesses being photographed and how can I see the pictures?
      3. 1.2.3 What will the Trusted Photographer do that I can't do myself?
      4. 1.2.4 Where are Trusted Photographers currently active?
      5. 1.2.5 Can a business anywhere in the world apply for a photo shoot?
      6. 1.2.6 Are there any restrictions on what type of businesses can participate?
      7. 1.2.7 What is the relationship between a Trusted Photographer and Google?
      8. 1.2.8 What is the cost to get my business photographed?
      9. 1.2.9 If I apply through this program, am I committed to participate?
    3. 1.3 The Photo Shoot
      1. 1.3.1 How can I coordinate a photo shoot?
      2. 1.3.2 What do I do if a Trusted Photographer is unavailable or unresponsive?
      3. 1.3.3 How long will the photo shoot take?
      4. 1.3.4 What do I need to do to prepare my business ahead of the photo shoot?
      5. 1.3.5 Which areas of my businesses will be photographed?
      6. 1.3.6 Will the photo shoot disrupt my business operations?
      7. 1.3.7 Will people be included in the photo shoot?
    4. 1.4 Privacy and Legal
      1. 1.4.1 What measures are in place to ensure privacy and legal compliance?
      2. 1.4.2 Who from my business can give legal permission for the photo shoot?
      3. 1.4.3 Will Google be using the imagery in other applications besides Place pages?
      4. 1.4.4 Do I own the photographs taken by a Trusted Photographer?
      5. 1.4.5 Can I review the photos after they are taken and before they go live on my Place page?
      6. 1.4.6 Can I blur the images or take down all panoramas from by business listing?
      7. 1.4.7 Could my photos be removed for other reasons?
      8. 1.4.8 If I’m not the business owner, can I request the removal of a photo?
    5. 1.5 Additional Questions
      1. 1.5.1 Can I embed these images on my business website?
      2. 1.5.2 Can I have a repeat photo shoot?


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Phone: +353868118598